If you’ve already set up an indoor marijuana growing system, then you’ll know that each harvest comes with a bountiful byproduct which is commonly referred to as “ cannabis trim”. These are the leaves and stems which don’t have the same THC or CBD content as the buds, but are still usable in a number of ways.

If your indoor marijuana growing system is a source of medicine for whatever conditions you may have, then you’ll be delighted to know that trim also has medicinal properties. Whereas if you’re growing for recreational use, then you’ll be happy to know that trim can be processed into things like edibles or even salves.

Here are our favorite uses for trim and how they can benefit you.

For Creative Purposes

One of the least known uses of trim is for artistic or creative purposes. There are no right or wrong things you can do with the trim, and as it is a byproduct we suggest trying anything that comes to mind. Here are a couple of our favorite artistic uses for trim:

Press the Fan Leaves

Many of us will have pressed leaves into the pages of our book during our childhood, the resulting leaf is then preserved and can be stuck onto a page or put into a frame. The same can be done with the larger fan leaves of your marijuana plants, and these leaves can be framed or kept in a book documenting the strain and growth details.

Print the Fan Leaves onto Fabric

Otherwise get even more creative by buying a piece of hemp fabric and “eco printing” a weed leaf onto it by lightly hammering the leaf onto the fabric. This extracts the tannins which will dye the shape of the leaf onto the fabric. You can also try classic eco printing which will give a more random print to your clothes.

For Medicinal Use

For those looking to improve their mental or physical health through the use of cannabis, there are some excellent ways to utilize trim for something healthy.

Use Fan Leaves in Salads

The fan leaves of the cannabis plant are typically extremely low in psychoactive properties, which makes them perfect for use in everyday meals. Like all other leafy greens, cannabis fan leaves are packed full of nutrients and minerals which our bodies need, such as:

  • Calcium
  • Folates
  • Iron
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K

They’re also high in antioxidants, which leads us to the next way of using them.

Make Tea from Raw Cannabis Trim

High in antioxidants and rich in minerals and nutrients you need to live, trim can also make a hearty brew which boasts several healthy qualities. I love making raw cannabis trim tea, as I’m not so stressed about getting the psychoactive properties in this form. Simply take 2 tbsp of cured and dried cannabis trim and put it in a teapot with a strainer, add boiling water and allow to steep. The flavor of this tea isn’t to everybody’s liking, so be sure to modify it appropriately.

Remember that marijuana is fat soluble so if you’re looking for the psychoactive effects in your tea to decarboxylate it first and to use a fat such as full-fat milk or coconut cream.

Use Trim as an Herb in Cooking

If you’re an avid cooker then you’ll be aware of the unique flavor profile of marijuana and trim. Put some of your cured cannabis trim in a small jar with your other herbs, and use it in cooking to give a unique flavor. As you’ll only be using minute amounts don’t worry about activating it through decarboxylation, just ensure it is properly dried and crumbed similarly to dry herbs.

For Recreational Use

Perhaps the most popular and well-known uses for trim is in making edibles. This is typically done following a formula which most marijuana enthusiasts will know:

  1. Decarboxylate the marijuana trim by putting it in the oven at 240 Fahrenheit (115 Celsius) for 30-45 minutes.
  2. In a large pot melt butter, add water, and add decarbed marijuana trim. Allow to cook for as long as possible.
  3. Strain all green matter out of butter and put butter in a container in the fridge to allow it to set.
  4. Use butter in baking, cooking, or even on toast.

There are many variations to this formula, with all kinds of opposing opinions, each with their own valid points and counterpoints. The best way to learn is by simply doing it yourself, and experiencing the differences in quality due to the different methods or ingredients.

What to Do with Cannabis Trim? Use Automated Cannabis Growing Systems

If you’re currently still using a manual indoor marijuana growing system, then you may find many of these tasks daunting after all of the hard work you’ve put into growing your plants. By investing in an automated growing system you can be sure that your plants will grow to their maximum potential, with minimal input from you. To learn more about our automated growing systems, check out blog which features articles which explore the nuances of automated marijuana growing.

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