SmartBee Software to Control Your Smart Hardware.

Understanding that gardeners would rather keep their hands in the soil than their head in the Cloud, SmartBee software is specifically designed for use without the need to learn ANY new technology! Building a basic and intuitive user interface, our nearly “plug and play” setup process will have your Networked Garden™ up and running and well on your way to greater and more consistent yields. While our competitors want you to conform to their methodology, which we know takes you out of your natural workflow making many gardeners reluctant to integrate technology designed to make their lives easier, SmartBee Networked Garden™ software is built from the ground up to conform with your current processes and growing methods. Simply put, SmartBee Networked Garden™ software helps you do what you do better, with greater control, and even gives you the stability to further hone your gardening skills! The SmartBee product line is driven by our easy to use web app enabled for any Windows, Apple, or Android device leaving total control right where you want it… in the palm of your hand.

SmartBee Controllers Hardware in a Wireless Monitoring and Control Network

The Dashboard

SmartBee Controller’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes it easy to check important power, irrigation and environmental readings at the speed of need. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to view all of your sensor readings, across all of your gardens, and even within multiple locations. In fact, SmartBee’s Controller’s Device Manager allows you to name and assign your existing equipment such as de/humidifiers, CO2 emitters, or irrigation pumps and solenoids specific to their placement, thus eliminating the need to re-invent your existing equipment profile and even getting it working more efficiently, and on YOUR terms!

The Room Details pages are where you go to make any changes to your garden’s settings such as scheduling irrigation, lighting, climate control, and atmosphere management, with our developers constantly engineering software releases to offer greater and even more refined control.

Device Manager

The Device Manager is the starting point for assigning devices and their functions to rooms as you begin building your Networked Garden™. As well, you can change user-facing names or view device-specific readings when multiple sensors are running within the same space simultaneously.

Room Manager

The Room Manager interface displays important information at-a-glance regarding rooms you create, and is where you activate Grow Cycles to begin data collection from your devices.

Room Details

The Room Details interface displays graph-based grow room analytics and serves as the hub for all of your sensor readings. Delivering up to the minute sensor levels, users can perform comparative analysis against past runs, making sure you’re on the right track for consistent yields. We recommend keeping a log of your settings to develop baselines from your most successful harvests. By understanding the “Healthy Heartbeat of your Garden”, our analytics have already helped many growers come to realize that certain processes take place without their knowledge, allowing them to truly fine-tune their garden.

Temperature & Humidity Controls

As any grower knows, manipulating your garden’s environmental conditions are crucial to producing bountiful harvests. Specifically moving your plants into generative and vegetative stages by using a combination of irrigation and environmental control patterns, growers refer to this as balancing or steering the plant, and spend considerable time and energy achieving this to promote increased quality, disease control, and yield. SmartBee Controller’s software has taken this into consideration by giving you the ability to set high and low temperature and humidity thresholds, and working in conjunction with your 3rd party appliances, create an optimal range for both day and nighttime conditions.

Irrigation Controls

The SmartBee Controllers Irrigation Control interface is the management system for making sure your plants get the exact amount of water they need. Simply use the programmable timer function to schedule your irrigations to the second, or by adding our Water Content Sensor Module, control your timed irrigations based on the water content in your medium! Protecting your plants from over and under watering based on two set points, the onset of stress set point defines the lowest water content you want your plants to have before an emergency irrigation is initiated and a notification is sent, while the overwatering set point disallows timed irrigations should the water content in the media be above. Using our Water Content Sensor Module, log and aggregate data from multiple plant test sites for analysis, and create a more decisive management of your irrigation based on drydown times and root zone temperature to maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system.

Lighting Controls

Using a timer to automate your lighting adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light, however trusting your garden to timers leaves your garden vulnerable to catastrophe when you’re not there. SmartBee Controller’s Lighting software interface is designed with the functionality already familiar to most growers, with separate timing and scheduling capabilities within multiple gardens within your facility. Our 24-hour remote programmable lighting timer is the perfect solution for synchronizing multiple lighting schedules, including functionality that protects your garden from overheating should your cooling systems fail to keep up with the heat generated from your garden’s lights.

CO2 Controls

SmartBee’s CO2 controls display what is taking place on an atmospheric level at all times. The SmartBee LTH Pro Sensor constantly measures levels of Carbon Dioxide in your growing area.

SmartBee Software Features:

  • Custom designed graphic user interface
  • Customizable alerts and notifications via Text Message and Email
  • Room Details analytics including graphs and comparative analysis
  • Historical Data Logging across multiple sensors
  • Graphing Historical Data for analysis
  • Grow Cycle Count Up Timer (Keeps track of days in bloom or vegetative states)
  • Timed zoned irrigation control based on water content
  • User-defined irrigation timer scheduling to the second
  • High and Low threshold setpoints for day and night
  • And much more…