Marijuana is an interesting plant, to say the very least, and countless people rely on it for their physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. Studies in recent years are exposing just how helpful this plant can be to us, and artists continue to be inspired by this seemingly infinite muse. Already countless people are finding ways to grow their own to bring themselves some relief during these trying times.

Growing weed has always been considered easy enough, although purists will tell you the exact best way to do so according to their very specific experience and knowledge. Something which has recently revolutionized how people grow their weed is the proliferation of automated grow systems. These systems can allow you to set up and sit back, limiting the work you need to put into the pre and post-production.

Here’s how you can set up automated growing systems which allow you to tell your weed to “DIY”.

Pick a Strain

First things first, while it may be tempting to order a variety of weed plants to grow in your automated system, if this is your first time we recommend just working with the one. There are countless strains and providers out there, and it does really boil down to personal preference, so we recommend looking for a strain with the following properties.

  • Quick growing from seed to harvest (8 to 12 weeks is ideal)
  • Auto-flowering (automatically switches to flowering cycle without changing light schedule)
  • Feminized (guarantees female plants which guarantees buds)

Be sure to buy your seeds from a reputable supplier to ensure they act as labeled.

Learn the Basics

There are some basic things you need to understand when growing your own weed which can help you to maximize your plant’s yield each time. Some things you will learn over time through mistakes and experience, whereas other things you will simply need to read about and practice until you understand.


For those who like reading articles and blog posts, there are plenty of resources available online which can guide your marijuana growing process. I recommend the following websites:




Although there are countless other sources which provide similarly valuable information to growing your own weed.


Some people prefer learning from books, which makes sense as it is still one of the best ways to store and transfer volumes of information between people. The following books are revered in the marijuana growing community:

  • The Cannabis Grow Bible
  • The Cannabis Encyclopedia
  • Marijuana Grower’s Handbook

Again these are just some suggestions, there are doubtlessly other great books out there which can guide your grow successfully.


If reading is too much, you might prefer watching short videos to learn how to grow weed, thanks to YouTube that is incredibly easy. Here are some great channels for budding bud growers:

  • From Seed to Stoned (
  • Mr. Canucks Grow (
  • How We’ed Grow (

As with the books and articles, there are plenty of other YouTube channels and even individual videos from other content creators which may be helpful.


Finally, if reading or watching videos still isn’t quite right for you, you might find podcasts help you get your fix. They’re great for listening to whilst doing other things, such as art or exercise, and are a candid way to understanding a huge variety of topics. Check out the following:

– Growcast (

– The Dude Grows (

– Grow Bud Yourself (

Helpful Equipment

Beyond the actual components that make up automated growing systems, there are several other pieces of equipment which are deemed necessary by growers. Investing in high quality will mean you won’t have to repair or replace this equipment in the long run, so be sure to do your due diligence when perusing.

Seed Starter Plugs

These come in a range of different forms, but are essentially a medium for starting your seeds off. Experienced growers swear by rockwool cubes, which do require a lot more work than typical starter plugs. Ask around in your local community about what people use to start their grow systems off.

Containers / Fabric Pots

Next you’re going to need pots for those beautiful plants to grow nice and strong in, with plenty of space so they can reach their full potential. Fabric pots are preferred to standard garden pots due to their breathability, although the latter can still be used effectively.


Finally, a good pair of pruners to help you guide, trim, and harvest your plants is a must. Be sure to find a pair which doesn’t get easily jammed by the resin so common in marijuana plants.

Smart Bee Controllers

If you’re looking for the best equipment in automated growing systems, look no further than Smart Bee Controllers. We have all the equipment you need to start your grow system today, so you can be reaping the benefits of your sowing in a matter of months.