Irrigation Controls.

Irrigation Controls

Smartbee Water Content Sensor ModuleWATER CONTENT SENSOR

While the typical grow room employs the use of irrigation controls timers to maintain a consistent watering schedule, their main drawback is they’re based on timing rather than the plant’s actual water needs. The result of this can be a highly-accurate system for poor plant yields.

Thankfully, SmartBee Irrigation Controls have been specifically designed to combine the benefits of timed feedings while considering the volumetric water content of your grow medium. Making sure your plants are properly monitored is one thing, but do you know how much water your plants actually use? It’s mitigating the potential for disaster by keeping your plants out of the danger zone that is the basis for SmartBee’s irrigation controls. Once set points are put in place, the Hive Gateway gathers and interprets sensor data and waters accordingly, thus maximizing the efficiency of your current irrigation system.

SmartBee Software displaying wireless irrigation controls

SmartBee’s irrigation control system utilizes smart water content probe technology that initiates or postpones timed watering based on your plant’s actual requirements.

SmartBee Water Content Sensor with probesSmartBee Irrigation Controls supply plants with the correct amount of water and provide growers with an increase in the consistency and profitability of their yields.

SmartBee Water Content sensors measure moisture levels within the growing medium and will alert the grower if the levels fall below a set limit. This sensor can more simply be used as an automated watering timer that turns watering systems on and off at set times and durations.


  • Supports up to six Water Content Sensor Probes (includes one)
  • Sensor Probes are IP67 rated (buriable and waterproof up to one meter)
  • 6′ cable with 1/8” TRRS connection
  • Ideal for Rockwool, Soil, Coco Fiber (Coir) and most pre-mixed mediums
  • Excess garden light solar charges the internal Li-Ion battery to extend the period of time before recharge is needed
  • Wireless data transmission for “Real-Time” environmental readings
  • Easily installs into any existing garden configuration with wireless mesh technology

The future of SmartBee Irrigation Controls include a host of components that are on the cutting edge of wireless sensor technology, giving you the tools to increase yields from the comfort of your living room or anywhere you have internet access, using your tablet or smartphone.

Buy a SmartBee Water Content Sensor Module (WCSM) 1.46

SmartBee Handheld Water Content Meter

The SmartBee Handheld Water Content Meter is our independently operated way to spot-check the water content of your medium to develop the most effective Irrigation strategy for you. With a versatile readout unit that provides an easy and convenient way to display readings from the Water Content Sensors. Using the Handheld Water Content Meter in combination with SmartBee Water Content Sensor Probes, the handheld unit can be moved from Sensor location to sensor location enabling large amounts of soil moisture data to be collected from multiple sites.

Order Your SmartBee Handheld Water Content Meter

SmartBee Industry approved Water Content Meter

The Water Content Sensor easily inserts into a variety mediums, enabling growers and researchers to make rapid checks for optimized uniformity of growing conditions. Each reading takes less than four seconds and provides two of the most important indicators of root zone health: water content (%) and temperature (°F). The SmartBee Water Content Sensor is particularly useful in horticulture for monitoring and correcting for variations when customizing your irrigation strategy.

SmartBee Handheld Water Content Meter for soil and hydroponicsThe SmartBee Water Content Meter can be used throughout horticulture, specifically for growers where correct growing conditions are critical to both yield and flavor. The compact sensor can be inserted directly into the growing medium with minimal disturbance to either roots or shoots, and provides information for process optimization or checking growing condition uniformity.

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