The legalization of marijuana has already given people a more reliable and safer way to access medicine for their physical and mental health. It has also enabled those recreational users to cultivate and utilize their own clean product, without fear of being busted. These global changes are coinciding with an increase in healthy habits, which can further amplify the medicinal or recreational user’s experience.

Having your own indoor marijuana growing system once meant an attic or basement full of illegal plants and dodgy lighting. Nowadays though, if you’re lucky enough to live in those states which have legalized, there are smarter options. The no-nonsense smart gardens which are gaining popularity are ideal as an indoor marijuana growing system, but what else can you grow in them?

Here’s a look at some healthy munchies which you can grow alongside your indoor marijuana growing system.

Moderate for Health

While all of these suggestions are healthy by themselves, many of them can be harmful when binged or eaten too often, two common occurrences in a marijuana smoker’s repertoire. Be sure to practice good moderation when enjoying any of these munchies to ensure they remain healthy. And more importantly, remember everything in moderation, even moderation. Bon appetite.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Ask any professional stoner what their favorite munchies are, and there will often be some sort of devilishly sweet treat on that list. That’s because smoking weed actually enhances our ability to taste and enjoy the things we eat, hence why it’s used as an appetite excitant. One thing that should definitely be in every grower’s garden is a nice sweet treat which can be plucked and enjoyed on the spot.


Typically considered an expensive treat, strawberries are surprisingly easy to grow indoors, especially with a smart garden system. Easily grown in pots or hanging planters, these scarlet morsels grow all year round as long as they have plenty of access to sunlight and good drainage. Once grown, they go great with cereal, yogurt, cream, and especially dipped in chocolate.

As delicious as they are, try to stick to a serving size of 1 cup, or around 8 medium-sized strawberries.


Vines are excellent in indoor growing systems, as they take up what would otherwise be unused space. Grape vines are no exception to this, and not only will they look great in your grow room, they also produce a delicious treat which can be enjoyed in a number of ways. In terms of variety, dessert grapes are typically the most successful indoors, look for:

  • Muscat of Alexandria
  • Black Hamburgh
  • Early Muscat
  • Canadice
  • Interlaken
  • Swenson Red

Be sure to provide plenty of support for those climbing grape varieties, otherwise ensure any potted kinds you grow have plenty of space. Grapes make a lovely juice, can be fermented into wine, or simply enjoyed by themselves as pockets full of sweet and tangy juice.

As with strawberries, grapes are delectable, so try to stick to ½ a cup or around 16 grapes as a healthy serving size.

Glean Clean Microgreens

Waiting for vegetables to grow isn’t ideal, especially when the munchies kick in after taking your medicinal or recreational marijuana doses. That’s where microgreens come in, growing in a fraction of the time that typical vegetables take, and boasting many of the same nutrients and flavors, they’re hard to beat. While some of these may be a bit hard to eat by themselves, they offer a huge range of bold flavors which can take a simple dish to the next level.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Arugula – with a peppery flavor, these go great with egg salads and sandwiches
  • Beets – with a mild earthy flavor, these go great with all kinds of salad
  • Broccoli – with a slightly bitter flavor, these make a good addition to cold pasta dishes
  • Radish – with that spicy flavor specific to radish, these can replace radish in any dish
  • Sunflower – with a slightly sweet taste, these go great with anything from salads to soups

Unlike their sweeter counterparts, these munchies can be eaten freely, although switching between several different varieties may be best.


A flavor profile which is celebrated in “stoner” culture is spice, probably due to its intensity. Growing your own chilli peppers is surprisingly easy, and there are many kinds out there which grow with ease in doors. Go for varieties which don’t grow over 80cm, such as:

  • Apache chilli peppers
  • Cayenne chilli peppers
  • Etna chilli peppers
  • Habanero Cristina chilli peppers
  • Macho chilli peppers

As with microgreens it’s hard to overdo chili peppers, be sure to take occasional breaks so as to not cause an imbalance to your pH levels.