Recent years have seen countless scientific journals documenting the proven effects of marijuana on a variety of different pains and ailments. This has come after countless accounts of anecdotal evidence which suggested as much and has allowed many people to take pain management into their own hands. Whether it’s CBD or THC, being able to grow your own pain relief can save you money, and limit your exposure to the common side effects of many mainstream medicines.

In the thousands of years of growing this plant, we’ve modified it in various ways to produce the variety of strains that we know today. These different strains can have vastly different effects, from relaxing to stimulating, and knowing which to grow in your indoor marijuana growing system is a must. As a provider of automated smart garden systems, we believe in growing your own medicine, so here’s a look at which strains you should grow in your automated grow system to deal with different pains.

Know The Law

As marijuana is still illegal federally, and in many states, be sure to abide by the laws of your state and area. We don’t endorse the growth of any illegal plants, and this article is targeted at those lucky people in the legal states.

Common Ailments and Pains

As previously mentioned, marijuana can help with the management of some common ailments and pain, but does that include things like paper cuts? Not necessarily. Marijuana can assist individuals in managing both constant and chronic pains, largely due to its CBD content. Although it can also assist with other ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, and depression.

By managing these problems with a natural rather than synthetic solution you can be sure you aren’t doing unnecessary harm to your body.

Chronic and Constant Pain

Pain is a funny thing, especially when it overcomes us for no particular reason. Old injuries are often the cause for both constant and chronic kinds of pain and can leave the individual feeling exhausted, depressed, and generally unwell. While most doctors will prescribe opiates for this pain, they aren’t a long-term solution as they are highly addictive and can cause uncomfortable side effects. Instead, try the following:

  • AK-47 – great for relieving pain, eliminating stress, and alleviating depression, this strain is a sativa which means it’s uplifting, so it may be better in the mornings than before sleep
  • Bubba Kush – an indica dominant strain commonly known as the ‘marijuana sleeping pill’, this can relieve pain, remove stress, reduce depression, and help the individual get to sleep comfortably
  • Blue Dream – with an unforgettable flavor, Blue Dream offers the benefits of the other two strains without waking you up or putting you to sleep


In an increasingly stressful world, it’s no surprise that more and more people are suffering from anxiety. At its best, it can manifest as a sense of uneasiness, but at its worst, it can completely cripple someone leaving them catatonic. Anti-anxiety medications can be helpful in addressing the symptoms but again, these come with side effects that can worsen the problem as a whole. Try growing the following in your indoor marijuana growing system to treat anxiety:

  • Remedy – high in CBD content and low in THC, this strain can offer anxiety relief without making you feel ‘high’ like other strains
  • Jack Herer – considered a ‘mood adjuster’ without the debilitating effects of some strains, this can help you to feel better when anxiety hits early in the day
  • Purple Urkle – if anxiety strikes you in bed each night, a strain like Purple Urkle can help to reduce that while simultaneously guiding you to sleep


To say that sleep is anything less than absolutely integral to our mental and physical well-being would be laughable. Although, insomniacs often don’t receive the help they need, as having a poor night’s sleep seems to be commonplace in our busy modern lives. Try the following strains to finally catch those z’s.

  • Hindu Kush – similar to the aforementioned Baba Kush, low-THC Hindu Kush is a potent indica suitable for regular consumers to aid them into slumber
  • Harlequin – with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, this strain is an easy way to get tired without the head high
  • Grape Ape – CBD and THC aren’t the only properties to look out for, this myrcene high strain may exemplify the sleep-aid effects of myrcene itself


While it seems that building an appetite is built into most strains, there are some which just do it better. Chuck these in your indoor marijuana growing system to get your belly rumbling:

  • Royal Cookies – with a name like that it already seems like an aperitif, Royal Cookies are a great appetite excitant and have euphoric relaxing effects to boot
  • Pineapple Kush – a strain which will excite your taste buds as it excites your appetite, it also relieves mental and muscular stress and leaves one feeling like they’re wrapped in a nice warm blanket
  • Critical – where the other two put you to bed, Critical gets you up and moving, kindling your appetite while also stimulating you and driving creative thought

Remember to do your due diligence when researching any strains, and only buy seeds from trusted providers.