If you’ve ever had an indoor marijuana growing system, you will know that finding something to do with all that trim is a must. Some plants can yield a pound or more of trim, and before you know it you may have a small mountain of perfectly usable leaves and stems. Instead of just chucking it all away, or composting it, there are ways you can extract the good stuff out of it first.

While not every foodie is a stoner, most stoners are foodies due to the simple fact that marijuana heightens your senses and boosts the appetite. Although they may come up with some questionable meal ideas, there are a couple of culinary stoner uses for trim which can truly be called gourmet. Both of these involve infusing them into a liquid which should always be done carefully, and will result in a product which should be used at one’s own discretion.

Here are a couple of culinary uses for all that excess trim from your indoor marijuana growing system.


Whenever you use weed for culinary purposes, such as the following infusions, it’s important to decarboxylate your plant matter first. This is a process of heating it at low temperatures for around an hour, which converts the THC-A into THC ready to be absorbed into our system.

Put simply, decarbing potentiates the THC content of the trim, to read exactly how to do so, click here.

Olive Oil

A part of our diet for thousands of years now, olive oil is one of the most versatile fats that one can use in the kitchen. Whether as a salad dressing, or drizzled in a hot pan for frying, it offers both nutrients and flavors which simply can’t be missed. Olive oil is also high in fat which is important when infusing marijuana into food or drink as THC binds to fat.

Food for Thought

As different strains, different olive oils, and even different kitchen appliances will yield different results, it’s important to use your initiative and modify this method to your needs. When it comes to how much trim to olive oil you should start on the light end, around 1 oz of trim to 1 cup of olive oil. Depending on the strain this may still yield a potent oil so be sure to test it before letting others try.

The Infusion

There are two commonly talked about ways of infusing cannabis into olive oil, the sous vide method and the crockpot method. The crockpot method is more accessible, so I will briefly outline it below.

  1. Gather the trim from your indoor marijuana growing system
  2. Decarboxylate your trim and leave it to cool
  3. Put trim and olive oil in a mason jar submerged in water (up to the bottom lip of the lid) in a crockpot on low
  4. Every hour pull the mason jar out and shake it (be careful as it may be hot)
  5. After 8 hours turn crockpot off and allow to cool
  6. Strain plant matter out of oil and store oil in a cool dry place to be used within the month

If you’re more interested in the sous vide method, check out this recipe which outlines it for bud, simply replace the bud with trim.


Everyone knows you can eat your weed to get high, but not everyone knows you can drink it too. Vice, a world famous alternative news outlet, blew millions of minds worldwide when they shared their craft cannabis cocktail recipes along with how to infuse cannabis into spirits. Their recipe is still just as valuable today, and can be read here.

WIth such an easy recipe, the only thing you may struggle with is which alcohol to infuse.


The classic alcohol for infusions, vodka is celebrated for its lack of taste, which is ideal when it comes to infusion. If you’re looking to make a drink that tastes like weed, then vodka is your best bet.


Like vodka, gin is fantastic for infusions, especially herbal infusions which promote other earthy and grassy notes. Cannabis infused gin is perfect for those who like stepping into a world of flavor on each sip, and goes incredibly well in a dry martini.

White Rum

While by itself it may be a bit rough, cannabis infused white rum allows you to make those Tiki-inspired cocktails you love with a kick. You can even make your own version of a mojito utilizing cannabis leaves instead of mint.


Mostly just for the novelty factor, cannabis infused tequila truly is something that everyone who likes marijiuana should try. It also makes for a hell of a Margarita, or for a twist on the classic try a shot with an orange and brown sugar rather than lemon and salt.