If you’re in one of the many states (see here) which has legalized growing marijuana, then you may be wondering where to begin. As the laws around this plant have relaxed, research has identified a number of incredible uses it has for physical and mental wellbeing. Growers from around the world have created strains which highlight some of these uses, and seeds for these marijuana strains are becoming increasingly available. Today’s article looks at some easy autoflower marijuana strains anyone can get started growing with!

Modern technology has also changed how we grow marijuana and a number of other plants. Smart garden systems can allow for high quality operations, with next to no work compared with previous methods.

So, whether you’re looking to self-medicate, or are just looking to find new ways to enhance your daily life, these are the best marijuana strains to use in a smart system.

WSS Skunk Feminized

The brainchild of years of honing to produce an easy-to-manage strain which doesn’t require experience or knowledge. The Weed Seed Shop (WSS) Skunk Feminized is considered the easiest marijuana plant to grow for beginners. This is due to several features which are

  • Auto-flowering – A eliminates the necessity to change the light cycle to shift the plant from its vegetative to flowering stage
  • Feminized – all seeds are female which means you don’t need to worry about the male pollinating the plants and growing seeds amongst the buds
  • Produces buds after just 5 weeks – marijuana plants typically start flowering between 5 and 16 weeks, putting WSS Skunk on the faster end of the scale
  • Hardy – unlike most strains, WSS Skunk is hardy and can handle typical first-timer mistakes like over- or under-watering.

The Result

50 days after the initial buds start forming you should be ready to harvest. This strain is considered a high yield, so you may only need a few for your first grow. Skunk has been a popular strain since the 80s, and has won numerous competitions. The effect of it is considered a balance between the body-high and head-high, and it has notes of citrus to its smell and taste.

Amnesia Haze

Don’t let the name fool you, this strain does not cause amnesia, although it will definitely put you in a haze. This is another easy-to-grow strain that does remarkably well in indoor marijuana growing systems. The iconic features of this strain are:

  • One of the highest-yielding strains – when grown correctly each plant can produce 70-80g, or around 650g per square meter under a 600w lamp.
  • It can come in feminized and automatic sub-strains – boasting the same benefits as WSS Skunk with an entirely different strain.
  • 10-11 week flowering period – unlike other strains the flowering period is longer, but this does result in a boost in flavor and efficacy

The Result

Descriptions of the high that comes from Haze sub-strains often utilize the word ‘psychedelic’, and for good reason. This is a highly potent strain that is more on the head-high scale, and suits active hobbies like skating, surfing, or hiking. The flavors and smells of this strain are potent, with hints of fruit, flower, earth and spice.

Cheese Feminized

Another classical legend among the world of marijuana strains, Cheese has been around since the 1980s and was initially made popular in England. A distant cousin of the original Skunk strain, it has a very distinctive smell and taste to it. This is a great strain for amateurs looking to experiment with different growing techniques, especially the SCROG technique which works great with Cheese strains. Notable features include:

  • Works well with SCROG technique – a technique which aims to increase yield by producing several bud plants per flower. It’s achieved by teaching the plants to grow around fine screens, creating a bigger canopy allowing each plant to take full advantage of the light source.
  • Has a short flowering period – when compared with other strains this plant does boast a short flowering period meaning you get to smoke sooner.
  • Medium to high yield – depending on the grow technique one can either expect an average or above-average yield.

The Result

As previously mentioned, Cheese strains have an iconic pungent aroma and smell due to the variety of terpenes in them. Unlike the other two strains mentioned, this is much more of a body-high, making it the perfect weed for winding down after work. Cheese sub-strains are also appreciated for their medicinal properties in relieving stress, pain, insomnia, and depression.

Using an Indoor Growing System for Your Autoflower Marijuana Strains

Is growing marijuana your passion or also your business venture? For many, it’s both! Having the most efficient and easy to use your choice autoflower marijuana strains indoor marijuana growing system can go a long ways in helping you automate your grow room and get the best yields without having to constantly monitor.

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