SmartBee Info Videos.

SmartBee Info Videos

Visit our Youtube channel to learn how SmartBee Controllers give you more control over your grow. View the SmartBee Info Videos below to help get you started with your new SmartBee Control systems. Learn about your networked garden, the Stinger Smart Power Plug and Smart Strip 4 with 3rd party device integration, The Hive Gateway, the SmartBee Handheld Water Content Meter, LTH & LTH PRO sensor placement, and more.

What is the Networked Garden?

The SmartBee® Handheld Water Content Sensor

Water Content Sensor Module Probe Placement

SmartBee App: Thresholds and Deadbands

Sensor Placement – The Hive™ Gateway

Sensor Placement – LTH and LTH+CO2 Modules

SS1 & SS4 Overview – Integrating 3rd Party Devices

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