The Best Automated Grow Room Solution

SmartBee Controllers offers smart, wireless multi-network cultivation products that allow for total wireless control of your indoor or greenhouse grow. Made for growers by growers, our goal is to provide all levels of gardening enthusiasts the tools that control production, while saving time and money for greater and consistent yields thanks to our Fully Automated Grow Room Controllers. You can now attain an unmatched level of environmental control that results in uniform plant development through each room while streamlining workflow. SmartBee Controllers provides a cost effective, modular, and scalable technology solution, giving growers the freedom to enjoy the important things in life. Understanding what it takes to achieve optimal results, we are proud to present the SmartBee Control System, “Your Wireless Grow Room Solution”.

The SmartBee Control System

With all of the individual automation devices on the market, today’s hydroponics gardeners are forced to often incorporate various controllers that rarely work together, and hardly provides a turnkey solution. But it doesn’t end there—you still have to consider water quality, the health of your grow medium and Murphy’s Law. With any investment comes risk and while your timers are set to operate a multitude of systems designed to maximize your yields, you’re probably not able to monitor your investment 24/7. Frankly, the time you devote to babysitting your grow room is counter-productive to the life your “automated” systems are supposed to be making easier. The SmartBee Control System software, was designed by growers, and gives you the ability to monitor your investment by putting the necessary information right at your fingertips. The custom SmartBee user interface makes it easy to check your important power, irrigation and environmental readings directly with our iPad app. Take advantage of accurate reading and reporting of your grow room data using our built in sensor data graphing.

Designed for serious growers, the SmartBee product line is an innovative grow room control technology solution that will take your growing skills to new heights. With real-time sensor monitoring, giving you the ability to control and track all areas of a grow room wirelessly, using a hand-held device such as a smart phone or tablet. The Smart Bee Control System links VPD, CO2, temperature and humidity, timers, lighting and irrigation layers, and allows more customization your system than any other product line on the market today.

A Proactive “Early Warning System” Designed to Give You Peace of Mind

Whether you implement climate control such as air conditioning or intake/exhaust fans, hydroponics has been the solution for the environmental stability you rarely find in nature. Unfortunately, the day may come that you check on your crop only to find your exhaust fan or air conditioner has failed, and your plants have burned under your 650ºF bulbs. Just imagine, a simple text message alerting you to the overheating could have saved the day thanks to our Fully Automated Grow Room Controllers.

Utilizing our Hive™ Gateway, SmartBee technology remotely delivers critical grow room data that helps you save time and money. The Hive makes local decisions based on real-time data sent from your grow rooms sensors, which run through rules engines to take action and correct anything outside your defined and easily pre-programmed thresholds. For what we term exceptional events (lights did not go off, pump failure, etc.) users can set up email and text notifications to warn, and in some cases correct the situation, avoiding costly operational and safety hazards. It’s this remote monitoring and control that makes the SmartBee Control System the 24/7 solution that gives growers ease of use, peace of mind, and a greater return on investment.

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