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Added Features:

  • Two device types now defined for CO2 control: a CO2_EMMITTER Appliance and a CO2_EVAC Appliance.
    • Having these two device types will now allow the user to set and maintain their desired CO2 level during daytime operation (lights on) and set a maximum CO2 level (24 hrs) at which point the room will be exhausted, in a simpler control room view.
    • Typical setting for desired day time CO2 level is between 1100-1400ppm. The Evac level is defaulted to 4500ppm but is adjustable to a lower level if required. Alerts are still sent when  CO2 level goes below the desired setting and now when the CO2 level hits the Evac threshold.
  • Data Export
    • The ability to generate reports (.CSV format) for all data types
    • Chose the number of days for the data collection
    • Chose the interval of time between data points
    • Notification that report is competed
    • Higher communication speed between devices and controller
    • On newer Hive Controllers a 10-fold increase in data transfer enabling a larger number of devices to be connected to a single Hive without loss of data.
    • Some older Hive Controllers can be upgraded to take advantage of this capability.
    • Improved RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) calibration
    • RSSI now more accurately represents radio signal strength at the Hive Controller.

Bug Fixes:

  • Humidity alerts now includes time of alert.
  • SS1 (model 100105) and SS4 (model 100106) software circuit breakers can now be reset from the Hive Controller.
  • Single notification sent after restoring from backup vs. multiple
  • In a reactivated room threshold(s) return to original set value
  • Miscellaneous fixes not impacting user operation

For more specific information, the release notes can be found here:

Earlier Releases

Version 1.4.2 of the HiveOS was released on October 16, 2019. Bug fixes only:

  • NH-107: Thresholds not restored correctly from backup
  • NH-115: Ensure XBee NO 3 is always set (fix BLG and EXT on S2C Hives)
  • NH-117: Appliance Type doesn’t reliably display changes in Device Manager
  • NH-123: Backup Restore errors are not reported
  • NH-122: Can’t restore backup when update is DOWNLOADED
  • NH-137: Problem reconnecting to coordinator radio during Hive restart
  • NH-139: Changing room names on one room changes it on both of his rooms
  • NH-143: Backup does not restore

Version 1.4 of the HiveOS was released on December 17, 2018. New features included:

  • Ability to save room configuration and download a backup copy
  • Ability to upload room configuration from the created backup copy to restore Hive room configurations and settings
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements.

For more specific information, the release notes can be found here:

Version 1.3 of the HiveOS was released on May 31, 2017. New features included:

  • Threshold Notifications. Allows you to receive alerts for high and low temperature, humidity and brightness thresholds, separately programmable for day and night time.
  • Future Upgrades. Future upgrades will not happen automatically, allows the user to apply the upgrade at a time they specify.
  • Downloadable Offline Updates. Allows for future updates to Hives that are not connected to the Internet via a USB port using a zip file downloadable on
  • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). Will allow you to know the signal strength between each of your connected devices and the Hive, updated every 10 minutes.
  • Dry Contact Controller Added to User Interface. Allows for the connection of our new 24v dry contact controller to the Hive.
  • Improved Range Extender Support. Now visible in the device manager.
  • Battery Status Indicator. Battery indicator is now visible from the device list without entering the assignment page.
  • Circuit State Check Algorithm. Continually checks device state, and sends new commands upon discrepancies. Attempts to correct circuit state timeout.
  • Room Summary has new four column layout.
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements.

For more specific information, the release notes can be found here:

Version 1.2.3 of the HiveOS was released on February 20, 2017. New features included:

  • Room detail pages now show additional LTH Pro Sensor data
  • Dashboards now show additional LTH Pro Sensor data
  • LTH Pro supports an external Apogee PAR Quantum sensor (sold separately).
  • Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) PPFD calculation
  • Daily Light Integral (DLI) calculation.

For more specific information, the release notes can be found here:

Version 1.2 of the HiveOS was released on August 19, 2016. New features included:

For more specific information, the release can be found here:

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